Healthy Habits of Happy People

Do you every wonder why some people are so darn happy?  Did you know that happy people are healthier? Studies continually show that those with the “glass 1/2 full mind set” most likey have – lower blood pressure, less stress, a healthier BMI, and as a result live longer.  I am going to list 8 Healthy Habits that can help all of us as we navigate our way through these currently emotionally challenging times.

1. SMILE – The actual act of smiling produces serotonin in the brain (known as the the Happy Hormone).

2. EXERCISE-Exercising (even moderately) helps blast stress, lower blood pressure, and lessen depression.  Keep yourself moving and get outside. The vitamin D from sunlight literally helps adsorb happiness.

3.DON’T BE JEALOUS -Instead of feeling jealous of the coworker who got the promotion or the friend who seems to have the world by the tail, look upon them as a source of inspiration and use that inspiration as a catalyst for your own success.

4.DON’T PLAY THE BLAME GAME-We all know people who blame everyone else for their problems. They are a simply a black cloud attempting to rain on your day.  Instead limit your time with these type of people and take control of your own situation.

5.FORGIVE AND FORGET-Forgiving means moving on and letting go of the power another individual or event has over you. Embrace the experience and move on to a new chapter in your life.

6. LEAVE THE PAST BEHIND- Dwelling on past injustices, unfair situations, a bad break-up or past events you had no control over make the likelihood of a sunny future quite bleak.  Realize those events are something that once happened to you, they are not who you are.

7.GIVE THANKS-Be thankful for the people ans situations in your life that are currently going well.  Also be thankful for the current and past challenges that have made you more resilient.

8.SEE THE SILVER LINING- Focus on the positives in life not the negatives.  Thoughts of doom and gloom translate into life.  Face it….no one wants to be around a “Debbie Downer”.