Blended Families and the Holidays

The holidays come with a lot of stress- especially if you’re hosting your extended family at your home.  Family holiday traditions can run deep, and feelings can easily be hurt.  Learn to get over the fact that your traditions may not necessarily matter to others.  As a blended family try making new traditions as you go along… one’s that everyone has a say in creating.  Also, if your children are scheduled to spend the holidays at the other household, give them permission to enjoy themselves without making them feel guilty because they’re not with you.

The holidays are not about gaining someone’s approval or stressing out over purchasing the perfect gift.  They’re about being together with those you care about.  If that means staying clear of your annoying uncle who consistently tells stupid jokes or the hypercritical grandma that can make you feel three inches tall just by a disapproving glare so be it.  Most likely the only time you will all be together is when you’re eating dinner.  Think of it as a 30 minute or less finite amount of time that you can get through.  Gravitate toward those who bring you joy and happiness and have yourself a Happy Holiday Season!

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