Are Social Skills Becoming a Lost Art?

I’ve taught social skills classes for years serving students on the high end of the spectrum (Asperger’s). Typical characteristics include:

  • Avoiding eye contact
  • Unable to read facial expressions
  • Emotionally inaccessible
  • Appearing self-absorbed

I’ve noticed that social media (Smartphone, I Pad, etc.) aid in elevating these characteristics in those diagnosed with Asperger’s. Also those Not on the Spectrum! To me it’s disheartening to see families at a restaurant sitting across the table from one another with their eyes glued to their smartphones uttering hardly a word to one another.  Or the person walking down the street with their eyes fixated on their phone and bumping in to others unaware of their surroundings.  My particular pet-peeve is the person talking on their cell phone while attempting to complete a transaction paying no mind to the salesperson.

Let’s all agree that while some individuals struggle with connecting with others socially others are simply being rude.  Put your devices down and greet people by looking them in the eye and providing them with your undivided attention and if you see someone struggling to make a social connection provide a smile and words of encouragement.

Let’s All Connect With One Another More In 2018!



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